Why combine digital signage with a communication application?

Are you planning on buying a digital signage system? First, read this article. State-of-the-art info TV hardware will not do you much good, if the system is difficult to use and doesn't support your company's internal communications. Read how you can improve IC, inspire people to get interested in shared issues and bring the work community closer together.

Looking for a digital signage system, but having trouble comparing service providers? We feel you. We recommend considering carefully who you purchase from - and familiarizing yourself with what you are actually buying

Real time communication on social media and cloud platforms have accustomed us to rapid information flow. Especially the millennial experts. Internal news is also expected to travel fast; people want to read the info immediately on their phones, not tomorrow on the lobby screen.

So, what kind of solution will truly serve your work community and make communications efficient and effective

First, let's take a step back.

You buy only hardware

If you decide to buy only digital signage hardware, you have to think about how you want the equipment to work. Even the best hardware is of no use, if publishing is difficult and your company's systems won't communicate with each other. Who coordinates the renewal project, with how much experience? What kind of software do you need? Are you sure that people will get essential information in time, in an interesting and understandable format?

Slow information flow

A traditional info TV is not a very flexible tool. Even if the publishing system is browser-based and can in principle be used anywhere, publishing can still be complicated and time consuming. You may end up using the system less than you planned.

Are you sure you know what you are buying?

Internal communications aren't working if you don't even want to open the communication tool. When you need to get a message through fast, the system should be no less than straightforward to use.

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Publications are quickly outdated

Today's news is tomorrow's fish and chip paper. If a presentation published on Tuesday is still on the screens on Friday, the content is already redundant. Everyone in contact with the topic has already seen the message.

For the digital signage not to lose its credibility as a fresh communication tool, the screens can't be dormant. The content has to be updated systematically. However, without a user-friendly communication application and message automation it's a difficult task.

There is a smarter solution.

Why is it smart to combine digital signage with a communication application?


  • you can share messages on screens, workstations, and mobile devices
  • people see the messages wherever they are
  • you can publish important information anytime anywhere
  • the communication app can be integrated with other systems
  • the messages can be automated
  • you will streamline your company’s internal communications

Display messages on all devices

In cNow communication application all the information is always quickly available to people, regardless of their device. New messages appear immediately on info TV screens, workstations, and mobile devices. Both the mobile and workstation app is designed to be an easy-to-use tool. The recipient can choose whether they want to be notified on incoming messages, and the newest message will always be displayed first. Learning to use the application is easy-breezy for anyone.

Publish right away on all devices, regardless of location.

Reach people anywhere anytime

With cNow you can streamline your company’s internal communications. Get a message out to everyone, even when you are on a business trip, working remotely or on holiday. Through the communication application you can keep people posted right here and now. Preset and allocate a message or publish it immediately in real time..

Automate and allocate your publications

Focus on work and let the routines take care of themselves. You can automate and allocate newsletters, press releases, reminders, event invitations or employee congratulations to specific points of time, offices, and devices of your choice. The content will be displayed for the time you have specified - until it will change to new content. It's up to you.

Integrate digital signage with other systems

Dreaming about using only one tool for internal communications? You absolutely can!

Cut down the noise and gather all important info to one place.

cNow can be integrated with the most popular platforms, applications, and software. When all important information is centralized in one place, people avoid hopping from app to app, and get only one notification on each topic. This effortless communication solution leads to less noise and better work efficiency.

Strengthen the company culture

The digital signage content doesn't always have to be formal corporate news. Internal communications at its best can be fruitful discussions about issues affecting the entire work community. You can easily post and publish news and thoughts with the communications app, and also encourage people to share their views.

What has been a success lately? What needs improvement? When your IC technology works as it should, it’s easier for people to participate in this discussion. When people feel they can make a difference and information flows openly, it makes people more committed, and the company culture is strengthened.

Eighty-five percent of employees say they are motivated to receive consistent updates from management.

Do you want to learn more about internal communication systems and find ways to improve your results with effective work community communication?

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