Communication is challenging in remote working - 5 tips for smooth work community communication

Most employees experience stress caused by work-related communication, and the pressure increases during remote work. Using several different communication channels and systems strains staff, wastes work time, and reduces motivation.

Two out of three employees would like to have only one channel for employer communication. Even if messages, content, and information are collected from different sources, they can be delivered to employees through an aggregated, centralized internal communication system.

Tips for managing work communicating remotely:

1 - Ensure that the team will notice important messages

Take advantage of technology to prioritize or elevate messages to workstations as clear announcements - keep these essential messages short and precise.

2 - Avoid delivering unnecessary messages

Don’t share messages just because you want everyone to be aware or feel like being informed; up to 60% of emails can feel irrelevant, which places a strain on work motivation.

3 - Remember that good community is built on consistent communication

Ensure that essential work items and critical figures are updated often enough and are available to everyone. Be sure to mention and highlight the role and attention of your team from time to time, included in personal messages.

4 - Deliver messages centrally and reduce the number of applications

Don’t share documents or files that employees must open in different applications. Instead, produce ready-made understandable, and visualized messages that are easy to read and comprehensible, and share them in one centralized channel.

5 - Create clear instructions on how to use the communication channels

Simple documentation of when Slack or Whatsapp messages, emails, and the intranet needs to be checked and how and what purpose should employees use these applications will significantly improve internal communication.

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Up to 75% of employee work time is used on different devices

Stand out by understanding and facilitating ease of the digital burden by visualizing, filtering, and targeting messages correctly. The timing of the communication also matters. Consider whether the recipient can respond to the message. Timeliness is an essential factor in improving the effectiveness of news and the importance of communication.

Remember to connect with the remote working team outside of digital channels. For example, give a call or send a personal text message and agree on schedules and clear rules for communication and productive work to improve the team’s well-being and workflow.

Eighty-five percent of employees say they are motivated to receive consistent updates from management.

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