Treat employees like customers - this is how you build a well-functioning internal customer experience

The idea of unambiguous and simple communication leads to improving the purchasing path, user interface, and customer experience - communication towards the customer is polished and smooth. Buying is made as easy as possible. A good customer experience defines succees in the market.

Suppose a customer doesn't want to drown in a flood of messages, get lost on the way to checkout, or remain unaware of finding important notes for themselves. Why do so many companies treat their employees like this?

What you should do, is build a fluid employee experience with a suitable application.

Single-channel communication is the key to optimizing work community communication

Less than half of organizations have a documented strategy for internal communication, also known as work community communication. Even fewer companies use a centralized system for internal communication.

A company's competitiveness relies heavily on its resources which are their employees. Workday optimization can increase both short-term productivity and long-term growth.

A suitable system is needed in order to develop the employee experience (EX). Communication is centralized with a working internal communication application, and employees can succeed in their work on a straightforward path.

A single-channel internal communication system is developed to meet the needs of employees, as 68% would like to have only one application for internal communication. At the same time, clear internal communication boosts productivity and increases employee engagement.

Remote working transforms employees in a similar way as customers because they’re communicating through electronic channels

Remote work has transformed into the same characteristics as customers arriving through digital channels. Our personnel also come to work online, looking for information, guidance, and support for their success which often relies on functioning electronic systems.

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The model used to create the customer experience should be developed with the same investment in creating the employee experience. Success requires a centralized system that enables single-channel communication and optimizes a communication work day to be meaningful, easy, and productive.

"A couple of decades of experience confirms statistics and research; successful organizations invest at least as much in internal communications as in marketing communications, sales systems and the customer experience"

A simple and easy system is vital for successful work community communication and smooth internal company communication. When messages are sent and received centrally, they are also targeted, scheduled, filtered, and formatted correctly. Therefore, only accessible and clear communication will have the desired effect.

Start by putting yourself in a customer, in this case employee, position

  • Go through a path to a successful completion of tasks with the employee. Find out what information is needed, where to find it, how much time it takes to search and progress along the path.
  • Investigate how unnecessary or irrelevant things are interfering with performance. For example, which applications are used and how information can be transmitted in an easy-to-understand format.
  • Compare the workday to the customer's journey; what are the essential things for success.
  • Investigate how easy it is for message senders to ensure the suitable format, timeliness, filtering, and targeting of different messages.
  • Define at all stages of work performance communication that is required and how an employee's experience may result in Shopping Cart Rejection due to time, ambiguity, frustration, or other communication-related reasons.

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