15 years of work for better communication technology

In 2008, the lobbies were filling up with screens, the venues with tablets, and the information screens took their place in business premises, accommodation establishments, and production facilities. In the beginning, software was created to control monitors. We were more interested in how internal communication helps customers and develops the business, why there should be such devices - what they should do.

From simple screens to profitable communication

The researched information supports the importance of internal communication as a pillar of the success of organizations and as a builder of committed teams.

Based on the needs of our customers, we developed an application that brings internal communication to information displays, mobile devices, and workstations easier and more efficiently.

Our technology facilitates communication and helps everyone get the most out of their workday. The result is better, more efficient and more productive - easier everyday life.

Development continues

cNow is used by numerous successful organizations around the world, customer satisfaction is top-notch, and customer relations are very long. We focus on the results and benefits of internal communication that a functioning system can achieve. We are building compatibility with new platforms so that the publishing channels you need are centralized on one easy platform.

Feel free to contact us, and we will show you everything you can achieve - find yourself the best way to communicate effectively internally.

“People are hungry for useful and up-to-the-minute information, and this should always be delivered in a tone that conveys expertise, confidence and clarity.”

T. Garland Stansell,

chair of the Public Relations Society of America

“Our role as communicators is not to simply re-report the news to our employees. Our job is to contextualize it.”

Becky Graebe,

former internal communicator at SAS

“It’s never been more important for employers to meet employees where they are with critical information personalized to them so they feel informed, supported and connected.”

Nicole Alvino,

co-founder and chief strategy officer of SocialChorus


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