How you can improve the well-being of your work community with a centralized communication application

Technology can help us perform better, and the development possibilities are endless. Unfortunately, legislation, organization structures, and people’s adaptability have challenges keeping up with the pace of progress.

Digitalization has become a critical factor in well-being at work due to the stress and strain caused by work. One of the biggest challenges is the constant flow of new applications and their updates.

Moving between software and channels consumes the majority of employee work time on a daily basis.

An increase in well-being can also bring effective savings

The centralization of technology systems can be compensated by the cost of acquisition and the reduction of license fees. The number of different applications directly links to employee motivation and well-being at work.

Over 50%

of employees do not feel they receive clear instructions and updates

Nearly 70%

in management positions think that it is not so important to keep in touch with employees

Almost 90%

of failures that occur are considered to be caused by poor communication in organizations

In our experience, more than half of employees working in corporations feel that they’re lacking clear instructions and updates. In our studies, nearly 70% of management staff reported that it doesn’t make sense to keep in touch with subordinates.

Clear and effective work community communication has a direct link to employee engagement. In addition, improved internal communication enhances creativity and builds relationships within the work community, which reflects in the success of all employees work.

"Nearly 90% of failures in organizations are caused by poor communication. The reason often is fragmented and unclear communication across channels."

Increasing productive working hours is profitable and easy with a centralized communications application. It simply saves time and money when duplicate applications aren’t needed.

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Developing the well-being of work communities with a simple, centralized communication application:

1 - Communicate goals and results in real-time

Display key figures, strategy, campaigns and actions easily visible in one place.

In our studies, the majority of employees feel left out of important information. However, one third of employees believe that the lack of transparency and clear communication has the most significant negative impact on motivation at work.

2 - Reduce digital stress, align and filter messages correctly

As a result of email threads, project management software, and instant messaging applications, it’s unclear which message applies to individual team members.

Communication becomes either distracting or stressful for employees, depending on whether the messages interrupts their work or if a fear of missing out on important information will pass. A centralized system ensures that employees won’t miss important news and that other information is always easily available.

3 - Gather the information and present it in an easy-to-understand format

A centralized communication application can collect information generated by different applications. Intranet news and various visual reports and graphs are presented automatically in an easy-to-understand format. News, work bulletins, and safety instructions are easy to target to employee groups and deliver when needed.

Did you know that over 60% of companies don’t have a strategy for internal communications? Effective internal communication can improve employee engagement by up to 50%.

Eighty-five percent of employees say they are motivated to receive consistent updates from management.

Do you want to learn more about internal communication systems and find ways to improve your results with effective work community communication?

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