An easy to use and powerful cNow signage and communication technology

Communicate within the company, distributing targeted news and information. Control information displays and provide up-to-date information on production status. Publish content to information screens, workstations, and mobile devices simultaneously.

Gather information from multiple applications in one place

Only an understandable message produces the desired effect. cNow brings together work community communications and data generated by different software and provides it to the recipient without managing additional software.

An interface you will learn in just 10 minutes

The cNow is developed in co-operation with communication specialists. State-of-the-art user-friendliness and automatically updated content ensure smooth communication in all situations. Clear visuals provide information at a glance about the overall state of the application.

Controlled messaging in all levels

Provide messages with an app that delivers the content to the right place when needed. Simplify communication, motivate Teams with relevant content, and give your employees time to focus on productive work.

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Nearly 90% of organizations that have gone through the demo choose the cNow system. We promise to learn the system with just 10 minutes of training

A state-of-the-art communications application for organizations of all sizes

is much more than just an info-tv system. Different communication channels can be brought together. News, reports, and a variety of content can be easily distributed from one place to monitors and workstations - locally and globally.

An example view of an info tv presentation

Superior features

Using cNow eases the flood of information and makes teams succeed in communicating with a centralized system. Centralized communication reduces time-consuming and tiering movement between different applications and makes work more efficient and enjoyable

Versatile content

Publish and manage images, videos, websites, MS Office, PDFs.

Text-based messages

Send quick messages to screens with images.

Live view

See a real-time view of the info screen directly from the user interface.


Connect to third-party systems when the interface is available.


Automatically trigger messages in exceptional circumstances.

Streaming / TV channels

View live broadcasts from different streaming services.

Data sources

Import content from automatic and manual data sources.

AD authentication

Administration and authentication from your own AD service.

Frequently asked questions

How can I do versatile communication?

Publish images, videos, MS Office files, web pages, streaming services, or instant messages to all screens. The content can also be automatically imported data from third-party applications.

Ease of publishing

Publish content to info screens, workstations, and mobile devices simultaneously. The messages can be targeted and highlighted so that essential announcements will appear in the right place at the right time.

Communicating production

Visualize production figures in an easy-to-understand format and present throughout the company. Communicate production, safety, and work instructions smoothly in an engaging manner.

Improvements in security

The terminals react to alerts in real-time by integrating production and security systems. Alarms can also be sent to workstations and mobile devices simultaneously.

Improvements in profitability

Track information generated by equipment and control systems through clear graphs, gauges, and numbers. Real-time comprehensible data helps improve the profitability of the production chain.

Most common applications

Communications and HR

Reach, engage and guide staff and publish news from one place.

Releases and news

Company strategy and values

Development of corporate culture

Social media publications

Personnel surveys


Sales and Marketing

Provide understandable reports, track sales, and keep teams up to date on campaigns.


Visualization of key figures


Situation reports

Current statistics

Internal marketing and testing

Production and Manufacturing

Monitor production, guide and develop safety, and optimize production with clear graphs.

Occupational safety notices

Accident-free days

Visualization of production figures

Production chain monitoring



Compatible with all common platforms

We develop the platform according to customer needs and constantly add new applications to the ecosystem.