cNow Info TV makes communication efficient and effective

Succeed in communication with cNow

You can improve profitability, increase production efficiency, and make the daily work life easier for your staff with modern and centralized internal communication technology.

Internal communication is one of the most important success factors for any company

is much more than just an info-tv system. Different communication channels can be brought together. News, reports, and a variety of content can be easily distributed from one place to monitors and workstations - locally and globally.

Targetted messaging

Provide new and information in a targeted manner to different teams and departments. is an excellent tool for communicating with remote workstations.

Connected communication channels

Filter data from different applications into one location. By reducing the use of applications and software, you save time and money

Visualized information

Present reports and key figures in an easy-to-understand format. Visual presentation is read and understood significantly better than a table or text.

No info screens, no problem - invest in workstation communication

application can be experienced through workstations. The employees receive information about new messages to their workstation and decide which messages they want to follow. With curated desktop notifications, no message is left unnoticed.

Communication thickens work community

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Nearly 90% of organizations that have gone through the demo choose the cNow system. We promise to learn the system with just 10 minutes of training

All organizations deserve success - start building sustainable growth with effective communication

The benefits of effective work community communication are undeniable. One-third of the workforce considers poor communication to be the biggest challenge in the work atmosphere. A simple solution can lead to significant results.

Engage staff through communication

Effective and clear work community communication has been proven to be the best way to engage employees.

Serve and guide employees

Up-to-date and easy-to-find information improves employees daily lives and significantly increases work motivation.

Streamline production with reports

Effective internal communication and reporting can increase production efficiency by up to 36%.

Employees need fluent communication

We help your team reach the right people, at the right time, in the right place. Reach your team with clear and fluid messages at offices, remote workstations, and mobile. Respond to employees' demand for a better and more motivating work environment.

74 %

of employees feel left out of important information

66 %

of employees would like only one channel for communication

85 %

of employees are more motivated when receiving regular news about the company

25 %

higher productivity is achieved by improving employee cohesion

Ease and functionality are our promises of effective communication

cNow communication application is tailored to the customer's needs. It is made easy to use and does not require or commit the company's own IT resources. Thanks to good scalability, price and features suits organizations of all sizes.

Tested and functional

Our service is used by more than 100 customers in 14 countries

Fast to learn

You can learn to use it in just 10 minutes

Versatile communication

Messages to all terminals info tv, workstation, mobile

We are able to visualize information from a variety of sources and assist in content design as well as integration with existing 3rd party applications. You get the ready-to-use package with fast delivery